Thousands Of Payments Are Processed Perfectly, But Duplicate Payments Still Happen

Avoidance Is Key. Auditing Is Assurance.

Most duplicate payments are identified before they are made with good internal controls. But dupes still happen. Your ERP and other control elements are designed to identify duplicate payments – providing it is not worked around and the data is clean. The controls will capture a majority of duplicate payments.

No ERP Captures 100% Of Potential Duplicate Payments


  • Web-Based Application
  • Detect, Diagnose, and Correct Root Causes

    Leading to Duplicate Payments

  • Developed and Used by Our AP Recovery


  • Real Time Comparison to AP Data
  • Application Continuously Learning to

    Reduce False Positives

  • Pre-Payment Duplicate Payment Prevention
  • In-House Post-Payment Auditing and

    Recovery of Funds

  • Customizable Dashboard for Increased


  • Avoidance Of Funds Paid

    in Error (Pre-Payment)

  • Identification of

    Overpayment (Post-Payment)

  • ID Root Cause
  • Take Corrective Action
  • Mitigate Loss of Funds

Get Results

Stop Leakage of Funds Due to Duplicate Payments

Prevent Duplicate Payments Missed by ERP Prior to Payment
Identify Root Cause of Duplicate Payment and Initiate Corrective Action
Timely Capture of Post Payment Duplicates
Minimize / Avoid Costs Associated with Recovery Auditors by Self-Auditing Post Payment Files


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