Data Security & Processing

Data Security During A Recovery Audit

SAS is committed to protecting the data of our clients before, during, and after the recovery audit process. Your data and our physical resources are protected by security programs, supported by strong processes and controls.

This includes two factor authentication, encryption, and the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

SAS also maintains a thorough disaster recovery and business continuity plan. This plan, when implemented, restores critical computer applications orderly to minimize the disruption to the business.

Data Processing

The recovery audit begins with data acquisition and processing. SAS works with your team to request the specific data needed. We are experts at merging data from multiple systems to allow for a thorough, efficient, and effective recovery audit.

  • We provide ERP specific data requests, for full table extracts, to minimize the time spent pulling data.
  • We do not ask for any customized programming as we can handle full table extracts from your system.

Our expertise in ERP systems includes but is not limited to: SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Workday, Lawson, Infor, Great Plains, Sage, JDE, Microsoft and homegrown legacy systems.

We also regularly receive and process data from many other atypical sources including Email, Excel, Access, Text, SQL, and PDF.

Why Choose SAS

Customized Recovery Audit Applications

Every organization has their own unique data environment, how they operate and how they go to market to serve their customers. With all those factors in place, a large percentage of our clients’ transactions are still error free.

SAS starts each recovery audit by creating an audit plan that includes guidelines determined in a collaborative manner that meet the goals and needs of our clients.

These guidelines can be different for each client even if they are in similar industries.

Our Client Data Services team members will incorporate these guidelines into our proprietary audit recovery applications that will allow us to collect the maximum dollars while maintaining your strong supplier relationships.

While each audit engagement has unique proprietary tools, they all feed into our central online web portal – The Vault. The Vault allows for claim tracking, claim life cycle workflows, supplier correspondence and reporting.


Machine Learning

Yes, we use that! Machine Learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence, which is defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. For example, at SAS we use Machine Learning to give each possible duplicate payment a score which correlates to the likelihood of it being valid.

Machine learning then takes that sample data and creates thousands of decision trees that lead down to the root cause of a duplicate. We are then able to take this model and apply it to a new client’s ap data.

The Experts

By combining our proprietary software, customized audit applications with machine learning, senior level auditors and industry expertise ensures that our clients are delivered higher recoveries and deeper root cause analysis.

Meet Our Experts

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