Duplicate Payment Audit

We Recover Errors In Every ERP System

SAS’ sophisticated technology identifies all potential duplicate payments by combining our proprietary software, tools, and machine learning to recover funds as a result of duplicate payments. Our extensive experience and continuously improving analytics deliver a more thorough review of all transactions than most organizations can do on their own.

Decades Of Experience Over Thousands Of Audit Projects

With our Accounts Payable Duplicate Payment Recovery Audit we’re continuously refining our software through machine learning. This allows us to efficiently cut through the volume of false positives to identify only those transactions that are then further researched and validated with the supplier.

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Data Output Is Designed To Be Very Broad In Order To Encompass All Potential Duplicate Payment Types

  • All available fields are utilized as criteria to identify potential duplicates
  • Match criteria includes multiple field matches and single field matches
  • Some of the unique conditions included in our analysis:
    • Special characters in invoice number
    • Transposition errors
    • Fat finger errors (insertion or elimination of characters)
    • Small differences in amount
    • Leading or trailing zeros in invoice number
    • Differences in transaction dates
  • Potential duplicates are eliminated due to:
    • Trends identified within specific suppliers
    • Account number used as invoice number, split payments, etc.
    • Offsetting transactions
    • Linking to cash receipts data
  • Our experienced Accounts Payable auditors are efficient in identifying and validating duplicates.
  • Duplicate payments are assembled into claims based on client specifications including copies of overpaid invoices, screen prints, supplier communications and other client internal documents.

duplicate payment example

Duplicate Payment Recovery Examples

These examples are unique duplicate payments we have identified during a duplicate payments Accounts Payable Audit through our sophisticated process.

We also provide transaction assurance through our real time duplicate payment solution, DupeShield™ to identify erroneous payments prior to the payment being made.

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