Additional Services

Comprehensive Recovery Audit Services, And Then Some

As part of our comprehensive full scope recovery audit services, SAS offers traditional AP Recovery Audits and other services in a variety of areas that can be included in the scope of any audit engagement or as a standalone special project.

As with every recovery audit we perform, we will ensure a fully detailed Audit Plan is developed and adhered to in accordance with our clients’ directives. Our plan includes respect for supplier relationships, and full reporting of all audit recoveries and results complete with root cause analysis and recommended corrective action.

Our Additional Services

Vendor Master Cleanse

Vendor Master files contain a considerable amount of information about a company’s suppliers. Over time, as new vendor records are added to the file and existing information is changed, errors will occur. These errors are magnified when acquisitions, mergers, or ERP system conversions or updates occur.

Inaccurate information contained in a Vendor Master file poses a significant financial exposure to your organization. Comprehensive Vendor Master Cleanse solutions tailor to suit your requirements.

Escheatment Avoidance
Freight Audit
Fraud Detection
Custom Projects

Reduce Your Media Expense Without Changing Your Media Buys

Media expenditures represent a significant investment that can be costing you more than it actually should.

Contracts can be highly complex and difficult to ensure that all terms and conditions are being adhered to. SAS Media Services provides the necessary resources to reconcile media invoices and payments with contract terms, then recover refund claims that are due.

SAS experts will develop and perform a customized, comprehensive recovery audit of all your media expenditures on a contingency fee arrangement that meets your specific needs.

SAS Will Review Your Media Expenses Risk Free. We Only Get Paid If We Save You Money.

Let SAS Audit Experts Determine:

  • If invoices were billed correctly
  • If payments were made correctly
  • If contract terms were applied correctly
  • If discounts were applied correctly

Let SAS Contract Experts:

  • Review existing contracts, terms, & conditions
  • Develop new agreements
  • Handle contract negotiations


Custom Projects

SAS can perform custom projects to address your specific requirements and scope. Whether you need RNI Clean Up, project support during ERP migrations or mergers, matched exception support/clean-up, or anything related to your Procure-to-Pay transactions and data – Talk with us to learn more about custom project solutions.


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