The Vault Is The Administrative Engine Supporting Statement Wizard® & DupeShield® Delivering Real-Time Custom Reporting

The Vault was designed to support, facilitate, and manage the results of the Statement Wizard® and DupeShield®. From supplier statement Email requests to identification of potential credit claims to claim creation and everything in between.

The Vault features intuitive dashboards, supplier communication tools, real-time reporting, task management & tracking and administration of identified supplier credits and much more.

The Vault is a highly intuitive administrative tool that is a repository for all communications, claim detail, templates, assignments, notes, and documentation related to each of the claims. Statement and Duplicate payment credits are highly visible throughout their life cycles on the Dashboards and throughout The Vault. Real-time Reporting features self-service reports created by the user and downloadable.

Repository For Supplier Communications, Staff Assignment Tracking, Supplier Credit Tracking And Workflow Dashboard


  • Customizable Views of Claim Statuses by Type, Vendor, Dollars, Dates and More
  • Administrative Workflow Tool for Statement Wizard® & DupeShield®
  • Track Claim Status for All Identified Supplier Credits
  • Attach & Store All Relevant Documentation for Each Claim
  • Robust Notes Section Provides Record of All Additional Communications
  • Task Management and Ability to Track & Assign Tasks to Internal Team Members
  • Realize Credits Sooner
  • Improved Supplier Relations
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reconcile in a Fraction of the Time

See Results

  • Administrative Workflow for Claim Management
  • Dashboard Delivers Key “At a Glance” Metrics
  • Email Blasting And Correspondence Capabilities
  • Manages & Stores All Related Communications & Documents
  • Tracking of All Claims and Dollars through Life Cycle
  • Self-Service, Real-Time Reporting Customizable by Each User
The Vault Dashboard 2023


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