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SAS leverages the power of our proprietary software, customized recovery audit applications and state of the art security to provide our Audit teams with comprehensive analytics and tools to execute a thorough Recovery Audit. SAS has developed, and is continuously improving our technology, to empower our people to maximize recoveries while efficiently executing the project plan.

High Visibility & Transparency

Our technology also provides our clients with 100% transparency to their audit project, with real-time visibility through our client portal – The Vault. Our clients have full access to their Recovery Audit and can also communicate and interact with their audit team in The Vault. All results are in in real-time and all claims, supplier communications and up to the minute statuses are a click away.

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Data Security & Processing

Our corporate data security plan is comprehensive, addressing all areas including data acquisition, data processing on site security, back up plans, disaster recovery, and data destruction. SAS security also includes two factor authentication, encryption, and the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Client Data Services team members are not only data experts – they also are experienced experts in recovery auditing. The SAS team has decades of experience working with large and disparate data to identify and maximize opportunities for our auditors to recover dollars for your organization. Our highly skilled team of professionals bring decades of experience working with data sets from companies in all industries and all sizes.

Visit our Data Security & Processing webpage and be rest assured that your data is secure with us during a recovery audit.

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Client Portal

VaultUtilization of our interactive web-based client portal -The Vault, will keep you continuously up to date on the status of the recovery audit with complete visibility into every claim. You can choose to interact in the claim process, providing comments, backup to claims, and changing claim status.

The Vault is a highly intuitive administrative tool that is a repository for all communications, claim detail, templates, assignments, notes, and documentation related to each of the claims. Statement and Duplicate payment credits are highly visible throughout their life cycles on the Dashboards and throughout The Vault. Real-time Reporting features self-service reports created by the user and that are downloadable.

Professional AP Audit Tools Available to Perform
Auditing In-House

AP Audit Tools

SAS has released tools to empower AP Teams and Internal Audit to reconcile, retain and recover like professional AP Recovery Auditors with our suite of AP Audit Tools.

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Our biggest asset is the team’s agility while adapting.  Technology is always evolving, and we strive to evolve with it. From Machine Learning to Cloud storage and processing, we use the latest technology to support our decades of audit experience.

Larry Crawley – Vice President, Strategy & Application Development

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