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Recovery Auditing: Thorough, Efficient & Effective

The SAS team has been performing Recovery Audit services for over three decades and has the right solution for you – because the project is designed with you. We work collaboratively with each client to develop a unique project plan for your unique organization. Our projects are designed to minimize the client’s involvement while maximizing recoveries.

We have been providing comprehensive Accounts Payable Recovery Auditing services and solutions to companies of all sizes in all markets and industries.

Our recovery audit services cover all conceivable claim categories. As businesses face new challenges, often new areas of financial leakage are exposed. As the business environment changes, we continuously develop new claim types.


Our Audit Solutions Are As Unique As Each Client’s Organization

No matter the size of the company, or the efficiency of its Accounts Payable process, profit leakage will occur, whether through internal control deficiencies, human error, or fraudulent situations. The Accounts Payable department is continually changing – whether it’s new technology, new staff or new suppliers, all of the factors can lead to additional risk of losses.

  • How can a company return these lost profits to the bottom line?
  • How can a company recover these lost profits as quickly as possible?
  • How can a company identify where the leakage is occurring and improve its systems and processes to prevent future lost profits?
  • How can a company optimize its vendor management?

Return Lost Profits To Your Bottom Line.

SAS offers complete solutions to maximize your recoveries while minimizing the impact on Accounts Payable, through a comprehensive profit recovery audit. We have experience in full outsourcing of recovery audits, partnering with your Accounts Payable, Finance and Supply Chain teams to provide real-time solutions.

Recover Lost Profits As Quickly As Possible

Why should your money reside in the hands of your suppliers until you identify and recover these lost profits? By recovering these dollars sooner, your company will enhance your bottom-line, improve vendor relations and identify the profit leakage timelier. Using the latest recovery audit techniques and processes, SAS offers our AP Audit Tools (SaaS) to recover these dollars as close to the transaction as possible as well as capture potential lost dollars before the transaction even occurs.

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Identify The Root Cause Of The Leakage. Recommend System Improvements To Prevent Future Lost Profits.

We recognize that the value of a recovery audit engagement extends well beyond the recovery of lost profits. The real benefit to our clients is the knowledge gained from the recovery audit and the ability to improve your systems and controls. Throughout our engagement and at its conclusion, SAS provides continuous reporting on results while providing recommendations for process improvements.

Additional up to the minute insights are available through our web-based claims portal – The Vault. Full visibility to key areas and trends such as claim types, root causes and supplier metrics are available 24×7 for credentialed users.

Our Recovery Audit Services Cover All Claim Categories And All Situations. Going Beyond The Basics To Deliver Optimal Results With Customized Audit Recovery Solutions And Services To Meet Each Client’s Unique Objectives.

For decades, we have been providing comprehensive Accounts Payable Recovery Auditing services and solutions to companies of all sizes in all markets and industries.


Our clients are continually amazed with the comprehensive suite of services offered by our company, from recovery audit to preventive solutions and metrics management. The approach for every engagement is specifically tailored to meet their needs and our team of professionals is unrivaled in the business. SAS will always be successful when our clients are highly satisfied.

– Jim Paolucci, Vice President – Operations & Client Services


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