The Statement Wizard® Reconciles Supplier Statements and Identifies Open Credits in a Fraction of the Time

Accounts Payable environments face many challenges, one of which is time. Supplier Statement Reconciliation has traditionally been a time consuming but necessary task. Many times, statement reconciliation is not practical when considering all the competing priorities in Accounts Payable.

As technology and automation have evolved over the years, full supplier statement reconciliation has remained a manual process for most organizations. The Statement Wizard® was created by and is used by our Recovery Auditors to reconcile Supplier Statements efficiently and thoroughly.

Reconcile Supplier Statements Like an AP Recovery Auditor


  • Quick & Easy Full Statement Reconciliation
  • Real Time Comparison to AP Data
  • Automated Matches of Transactions Between Statement and Paid History
  • Visibility to Open & Misapplied Credits
  • Reconciliation of Open Supplier Invoices And RNI Transactions
  • Easily Process Supplier Statements of Any Type – Email, Excel, Pdf, Etc.
  • Web-Based Application
  • Customizable Dashboard Provides Complete Transparency & Visibility
  • Developed and Used by Recovery Auditors
  • Open Credits Applied To Current Payments
  • Efficient Reconciliation
  • ID Missing Invoices
  • Avoid Credit Holds
  • Clear RNI
  • Escheatment Avoidance

Get Results

Significantly Reduce Costs related to Recovery Auditors + Realize Statement Credits in minutes or days – not months or years

Dramatically Increase Efficiency And Productivity Of Accounts Payable Team
Reconcile Supplier Statements In A Fraction Of The Time - Identify Open Credits In Minutes
Reconcile RNI To Clear Paid Invoices Improving Accuracy & Reducing Liability
Identify Unmatched & Unpaid Invoices
Significantly Reduce Third-Party Recovery Auditor Fees


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