Empowering AP Teams To Reconcile, Retain And Recover Like Professional AP Recovery Auditors

Efficient Supplier Statement Reconciliation

With all the technology available to AP Teams today, one critical area remains a challenge – Supplier Statement Reconciliation. Traditional statement reconciliation is time consuming and inefficient. When statements aren’t fully reconciled, they can result in unknown mis-applied payments, erroneous charges, open invoices, and RNI (unmatched receipts) & negative impact on supplier relations.

Dupes Happen

Most duplicate payments are identified before they are made with good internal controls. But dupes still happen. Your ERP and other control elements are designed to identify duplicate payments – providing they are not worked around and the data is clean. The controls will capture a majority of duplicate payments. Avoidance is key. Auditing is assurance.

Enrich AP Teams With Recovery Audit Tools


  • Identify Open Credits in Minutes
  • Measurably Increase Efficiencyand Productivity of AP Team
  • Identify Root Cause of Duplicate Payments
  • Take Corrective Action to PreventFuture Funds Leakage
  • Avoidance of Cost Associated withAP Recovery Auditors
  • Complete Administrative Workflow Tool
  • Email Capabilities Within the Tool – Internal and with Suppliers
  • Improve Supplier Relations
  • Reconcile Supplier Statements ina Fraction of the Time
  • Open Credits Applied To Current Payments
  • Efficient Reconciliation
  • ID Missing Invoices
  • Avoid Credit Holds
  • Clear RNI
  • Escheatment Avoidance


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