Press release for new hire

With over 20 years in data analytics, recovery audit, and supply-chain transformation, Chris will head up our Transformation Office and Innovation Lab with an initial focus on the retail industry — specifically to capitalize on his experience in building next-level spend analytics, insight, and optimization solutions.

Bob Carlino, CEO of SAS, said, “We are delighted to have Chris join as a key member of our team. With his expertise in recovery audit, enterprising spirit, and customer-centric approach, Chris is uniquely positioned to help us drive game-changing innovations and deliver even greater value to our customers.”

Jeff Katz, COO of SAS, said “Chris’ energy is infectious, as is his commitment to creating and delivering outstanding customer value and experience. We are happy he’s on board and excited at what the future holds for our customers.”

This pivotal appointment comes at an exciting time as SAS continues to ramp up its growing suite of services and solutions in various industries, including retail, Rx, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Chris said, “I’m ecstatic to become a part of this exceptional team and grateful for the trust and latitude Bob and Jeff have granted me in this role. We have the right leadership, team, platform, and vision in place to meet customers where they are and exceed their evolving needs and expectations — now and into the future.”

Prior to joining SAS, Chris held leadership roles at SpendMend, PRGX, Cotiviti, and founded startups, PROCOVERY, and EComm Systems with relevant academics in Design Thinking at IDEO, Organizational Strategy and Technical Innovation at MIT, and Economics at LSE.

About Strategic Audit Solutions

Strategic Audit Solutions is a leading multi-industry recovery audit firm founded by industry pioneers Robert Carlino, CEO, and Jeff Katz, COO. The company is built on a foundation of powerful technology, data analytics, and experienced senior audit team members, with an average of over 20 years in the industry. SAS specializes in retail, Rx, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, and healthcare, offering unparalleled expertise to its customers.

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