Strategic Audit Solutions rebranding press release

Freehold, NJ – July 14, 2023

Strategic Audit Solutions (SAS) proudly announces the completion of its highly anticipated rebranding effort, a project that has been in the works for over a year. The company’s CEO, Bob Carlino, and COO, Jeff Katz, are delighted to present SAS’s new image to the public.

The rebranding reflects the remarkable growth SAS has experienced in recent years and showcases the company’s dynamic approach through a vibrant logo and an invigorating color palette. Jeff Katz, the COO, emphasizes the significance of the new brand elements, stating, “Our new logo and colors embody the essence of our team and our commitment to our clients. The ‘caret’ symbolizes our unwavering focus and integration of technology, while the colors represent the energy and passion our team brings every day for delivering great customer experience and value.”


Strategic Audit Solutions logoThe brand colors chosen by SAS are deeply rooted in the company’s commitment to vibrant energy, trustworthiness, and a dedication to innovative customer-tailored solutions. These colors convey the thoroughness of SAS’s processes and reaffirm their reputation as a long-standing, reliable organization.

Complementing the rebranding, SAS has also undertaken a comprehensive website update, incorporating the new brand identity and ensuring that the content accurately represents their services.

The rebranding initiative undertaken by SAS highlights the company’s dedication to growth, innovation, and meeting the evolving needs of its clients. With a fresh new look, SAS aims to continue providing top-quality auditing services while strengthening its position as a trusted industry leader.


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