Strategic Audit Solutions, Inc., (SAS) is pleased to announce that Taffy Davidson has joined the Innovation team as Director of Audit Innovation.  With a vast career in the post audit industry spanning 25 years, Taffy brings experience in all sectors of retail and commercial.  Her ability to decipher data, understand relations and her unique audit insights have earned international respect.

Throughout her service with PRGX, Cotiviti and APEX, she has successfully led the development of audit applications for DSD, WA Distribution, Returns and Allowances that serve as best practice models.  Her attention to detail, drive for excellence and focus on customer service has been recognized throughout the industry, winning awards for customer service, innovation of audit and creation of new and expanded concepts.

Bob Carlino, CEO of SAS, said, “Taffy and I had worked together many years ago and we are pleased to now have her talents and expertise as part of the SAS Team. Her years of experience in some of the largest organizations, coupled with her ability to go above and beyond to discover those hidden profits for clients, cannot be understated. Welcome to SAS, Taffy.”

“Taffy is one of the best audit minds I have worked with in recovery audit. Her knowledge and insight into merchandising process and systems, coupled with her instinct with data, is unparalleled. I am more than thrilled to be working with her again.”  said Chris Mindenhall, Chief Innovation Officer.

Taffy said “The leadership of Jeff and Bob empowers a culture of teamwork, forward innovation and action.  I am excited to work with a talented group of individuals focused on advancing the post audit process while building client relations beyond the claim”

In addition to her work in the US, Taffy led the implementation of multiple international internal audits, has worked in Costa Rica along internal and outsourced shared service divisions and has led teams in India.  Outside the audit industry, she served as Merchandise Finance manager – Electronics for Walmart Stores, Inc.  Taffy lives in Bentonville, AR.

About Strategic Audit Solutions

Strategic Audit Solutions, Inc., is a leading provider of comprehensive Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay Recovery Auditing solutions nationally. With decades of experience in recovery auditing and process improvement recommendations, SAS recovers overpayments, delivers funds directly to the bottom line and identifies root causes to mitigate future financial risk. SAS also offers a suite of AP Audit Tools developed by auditors for organizations to perform AP Auditing in-house. For more information, please visit:

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