Procure-To-Pay Recovery Auditing: An Under-utilized Resource for Internal Audit

What is the primary role of an organization’s Internal Audit Department and how does it differ from a Recovery Audit?  The primary function and objective of a company’s Internal Audit […]

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Can Your Accounts Payable Process Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

You’ve worked diligently to improve your systems and processes, and now your AP department is efficient, productive, and running like a finely tuned instrument. Excellent! However- are you prepared for […]

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Drowning in Email?

Email has become the communication medium of choice for many of today’s organizations.  Gone are the days of the fax machine and snail mail.  Those methods of communication were limited […]

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AP Recovery Audit – Taking a Second Look

If you are one of a growing number of companies who contract with a third-party firm to perform an Accounts Payable Recovery Audit…Congratulations!  You are already one of the smartest […]

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Discrepancy Management…Taming the Beast

For many, invoice discrepancies are one of those things that keep you up at night and take your team away from the task at hand.  We go into a transaction […]

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Destroy the Client vs. Vendor Relationship – Make Your Clients Your Partners

Most individuals have experienced the process of purchasing a vehicle. Think about that process. What are the steps that we as purchasers go through? How do the dealerships assist us […]

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